Everything is connected and that's before we've even got to social media and the world wideweb.

Life and humans are connected by many a thread; the space we share, the desire for love, the pursuit of happiness it all bonds us deeper than we can imagine.

So of course with social media that is the case too. The sTUFFs that connect us are infinite and that means the sources of inspiration for your content should be too.

On a recent jaunt to Nice a stop off at Musèe Matisse to indulge in the work of this childhood fave reminded me of two things that pertain rather brilliantly to social media:

1, The joy we felt as children and the pure creative sTUFFs we loved to explore should be revisited frequently and with gusto. In them inspiration for the create side of 'The Science' of social media can be found aplenty.

 Image taken on iPhone 5s | Guide to Editing sTUFFS on an iPhone coming soon

Image taken on iPhone 5s | Guide to Editing sTUFFS on an iPhone coming soon

2, .Mistakes can end up being art works of brilliance and a pair of scissors & papier ended up being the ultimate inspiration. In the gallery were discarded cut out shapes Henri didn't use in his final masterpieces being enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year. Donated by his family flicking through each frame felt like a secret discovery of his creative process (now that's another post entirely) but for this point why not grab some materials - paper, card, magazines, silk, foil, leaves & cut them out to make shapes, words, signs whatever you feel like really - then scan or photograph them to post onto Instagram. Sure it may not work out first time or the fifth cutout but hey those are the masterpieces before your 'La Gerbe'.