As a tech company you'd think Facebook (Instagram's parent company) would be driving innovation on all levels but as the latest Instagram updates show imitation is the best form of flattery apparently (or robbery depending on how you look at it).

While Instagram Stories has allowed those of us without Snapchat to enjoy the joy of vanishing video content Instagram's recent update highlights a worrying trend, in Facebook's global domination of the social media market, of just stealing what you can't buy.

It's problematic and a slap in the face for those of us who value creative newness not to mention the developers who work at these tech giants but does this mean the end of Snapchat?

Well no. Snapchat is the cooler younger sister that has the millennial market firmly on side, a market Facebook knows are leaving its parent platform in droves and less millennials means less brands spending advertising budget which is less money for Facebook.

And while the copy & paste approach to platform updates isn't innovation at its finest there is method behind their madness. You see advertising on Snapchat costs a lot, a hell of a lot and Facebook knows small to mid sized brands don't have the budget for branded Snapchat filters etc which can cost anywhere upwards of £90k so by providing the same features on Instagram they can undercut pricing and lure in the small to mid sized brands. Although Geofilters are a pretty great way for smaller brands to get in on the Snapchat advertising party.

With Facebook Advertising kind of taking a hit last year - read this great article by Smoolis on tackling any Facebook Ad click farm campaign issues - Instagram is now its main focus for making that cash money.

Le sigh ay! We loved the old Instagram with its organic audience growing tendencies and ability to allow even the smallest of brands to create a global following & customer base all for free so while the powers that be at Facebook get ready to pile on the algorithm pressure get to growing your Instagram base peeps!