The pleasure of doing sTUFFs with blogger and influencer sensation Freddie Harrel was a highlight of 2016/17 and of course with platforms such as VOGUE, Stylist & Marks & Spencer's all vying for a piece of Freddie's infectiously brilliant style there were was a lot to be learnt. So grab a notebook & pen as here are five things to bare in mind with working with blogggers.

1. Bloggers are busy people, often running multi brand empires on their own so while daily contact isn't likely to happen try and send weekly status updates regardless of whether a catch up appens or not so that they can catch up in their own time.

2. Collaboration is the name of the creative project game so don't shy away from suggesting artists, photographers, stylists, copywriters & web developers who may be able to help them out - you never know it could be the thing that makes a project go big. In fact that's exactly what happened as fave print maker Jamilla Okubo was a natural fit for Freddie's brand. Asking Jamilla to get involved in designing a logo &  print was a no brainer considering her equally infectious bold, uplifting and celebratory work. And naturally this international collaboration led to an entire brand direction for BHNC including packaging and a roll out across social media.

3. Influencers are fast moving people who juggle multiple brand projects so remember to keep cool and calm. WhatsApp is great for firing over any project questions that just can't wait.

4. It pays to keep a log of everything you're doing so that all your hard work can be turned into an awesome case study for your portfolio and website (keep your own record of stats if it's a digital and ecommerce project).

5. Bitly is a great way to track social media performance for blogger projects as it allows you to prove ROI when access to Google Analytics isn't available or a sie isn't live.

Over three months the Bitly link to the newsletter sign-up on the holding page received over 1,500 clicks with over 97% coming from Instagram - the brand's strongest platform + resulting 600 sign-ups.

Now that's BIG.