iPOWER & INFLUENCERS / by Sophie Amono

Dear blogger who shan't be named but represents an epidemic of iPower values,

Your recent article in Cosmopolitan is but a symptom of a deeper rooted issue in society which is a lack of true love.

Love for others & love for sTUFFs. While of course no one can claim love for those around you isn't apparent how about for those not? Those who also love fashion, beauty and whichever beautiful field they are passionate about just as much as you love yours. Those who want to get their voice out there but were studying, raising families or working full time so blogging never seemed like something that could involve them all those years ago. Those who were bullied and through blogging found a community of support and empowerment.

iPower philosophy is oh so rife and a poison that creeps silently into society lying dormant until its infectious sting rears its ugly head in say a magazine article or ill timed YouTube video. It tells us we are the most important thing and how dare others want to do what i am doing - oh what a liar this disease is.

People are starting to kick back from mega influencers because they don't represent the real world. Unfortunately they are beginning to represent the dark overly curated breeding ground of iPower. Where's the blogs on dealing with doing your make up on the bus because you're juggling two jobs while trying to talk about your passions through your blog? Where's the blogs on dealing with period pain in a workplace full of men? You see like it or lump it the smaller bloggers haven't been contaminated with theinfluencer strain of iPower, making them actually a lot of influential because they haven't got a huge brand to honour before integrity. I'll trust someone with 100 followers telling me a product works over an 100k account that's clearly being read from a PR note any day of the week and micro influencers believe it or not will hold most sway with consumers as time goes on. Pools of community champions & us the common people when aligned to a brand speak much louder than a few social media stars as I'm sure yourself, Pepsi and others have experienced.

We hustle, we help but above all we're all humans so feel & hurt just like you so hey next time let's all just remember we're in this thing called life together.


Everyone that does sTUFFs