sTUFFs (noun). Life is made up of a series of moments that connect to tell a story unique to each person, community, brand & organisation. It's these moments that equate to true creativity and to the sTUFFs that unifies humanity and it is these sTUFFs that you can turn to me for creative direction on.


Brand - collaborations that will increase your influence, cement your desired market position & lead to that cool factor.

Business - collaborations that will tick all your KPIs, deliver rather pretty ROI and set you up for life long partnerships. 

Social Media

Research - your current and dream social media outputs to make sure you're building on facts.

Channel Management - in partnership with the UK's top design schools to provide students real life experience and jobs.

Strategy - from the bottom up and the inside out. 

Style Guides - that will have you begging for more and your audience thirsting for seconds.

Brand & Identity

Project Management - to provide the right approach to building your brand.

Research - your industry and internal & external perceptions of our brand.

Delivery - of everything you need to grow your brand.

Launch - that bad boy with style. 

Ambassadors - are your biggest advocates and you'll soon discover who yours are.


Press - coverage from the right people in the right places.

Bloggers - are people too so let's take care of their sTUFFs as they take care of yours.

Circulation Lists - that'll make your marketing team scream.


Stakeholder Relationship - naturing is oh so important and just like the influencers they're real people too, so keep them happy and they'll do the same.

Event Management - from the guest list to the sound guy rest assured it's all been taken care of.

Networking - can feel like a chore but with the right know how you'll be skipping merrily home with all your business cards in the right hands. 

Contractor Management - is all about creating a dream time and thankfully that sorta sTUFFs is a reality that can be achieved.

Not for Profit

Fundraising - should be fun, focused and financially profitable and you can have all three.

Community Projects - are all about giving back and celebrating the locals while connecting them to a global audience... and it's sTUFFs you'll be doing with ease in no time at all.

Awareness & Engagement - at all levels of a NFP is key to driving real change and that comes from an awareness of what your audience wants.

Reporting - those lovely figures in a tailored easy to digest format.

Education - can take place anywhere and from workshops to digital sessions it'll be done.


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Email - sophie (at)